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14 August 2009 @ 05:15 pm
Remember Jasmine...  
I can't forget about him..
this has been the worst week of my life...
Starting Sunday, Jasmine You of Versailles had passed away.
He may have not been my favourite of the band, but i really did love him.
I've cried all week for him
and yesterday i even ended up with a slight fever because of it.
i've worried myself sick over him...
but i just can't control my sad feelings about him.
I'm not sure if i've posted on here about my mental problem..
nothing dangerous.. unless it ends up that way.
i'm very obsessive.
i care too much for everything and everyone.
and my music was the greatest of my obsessions.
i love my bands, and i really love the people in them.
i'm all about them, but i do respect them.
i would never go stalking them or stuff like that..
i want them to be happy, even if it cause me to be sad.
they're like the children i've never had...
but i love them so much.. they mean the world to me.
Jasmine was no exception...
he, also, meant the world to me.
and i hope he's not looking at me like this right now..
i'm sure he wouldn't want his fans to be sad..
and i'm tearing my heart to pieces over this..
i wish i could be happy for him, but he was only 30
and i know he meant so much to so many people.
he wasn't just anybody, he was a role model, an artist,
a beautiful man who played great music and made us laugh,
and most of all.. he was a really sweet guy...
he made so many people happy.
I just read a while ago about what Juka wrote...
Juka said, "I hope you're okay, I'm worried about you."
and this really made me cry..
Jasmine said, "I'm sorry to worry you, I'm okay."
It's just so hard to live with this right now..
i never once thought that he could be the one to go next..
i've been dreading the day i heard news like this..
and it's worse, especially since i love Versailles so much...

Jasmine, I love you so much!!
and i'm sorry for crying so bad..
and i'm sorry for crying so much..
i'm sorry that i'm so sad for you..
and i really hope you understnad....
you meant so much to me..
more than you even should..
so please forgive me Jasmine..
i would never want you to see me so hurt..
I'm sure you're having fun right now,
and having sweet dreams...
Rest in Peace Jasmine..
I will never forget you..

March 8, 1979 - August 9, 2009
Jasmine You.
Jasmine You Pictures, Images and Photos
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